The tool

An accessible virtual learning environment designed for all

The innovative approach of EN-ABILITIES lies in that the VLE platforms are adequate for LLL initiatives and personalised education, but as mentioned, these tools are not currently accessible enough to people with functional diversity.

However, EN-ABILITIES proposes that our software should be readjusted to several Universal Design requirements, allowing people to access information from many different devices, displaying information in an appropriate layout.

The EN-ABILITIES tool for English learning will be designed according to the W3C remarks, and the Universal Design blueprints and this approach will guide the guidelines for teachers and ICT/software developers.

This approach moves forward existing tools and constitutes a step towards the integration and access to learning tools for adult students with SEN (Special Educational Needs)

Tools provided by the EN-ABILITIES project will help public and private educational centres to adopt their online English courses to this EU requirement by Universal Design.

This design will guarantee that all potential users will be able to use the language learning resources created independently of their capacities. Moreover, as mentioned, the EN-ABILITIES outputs will also be susceptible to be adapted to other educational fields.

Another innovative point of the EN-ABILITIES project is the methodology that supports the Tool. Our tool will be built by a sequenced learning process suitable to be adapted to each student and their own conditions and capabilities. Thus, our software will provide pathways personalised to the skills of students with SEN and a compilation of suitable virtual learning resources, divided into age ranges, developmental stage, etc.

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