EN-ABILITIES Multiplier Event in Belgrade


With the aim of disseminating the results from the En-Abilities project, a multiplier event was held at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation (FASPER) on December 25th 2019. The main objective of this event was to present the intellectual outputs of the EN-ABILITIES project. A total of 62 people actively participated in the event both in the morning and afternoon. These attendees came from a wide variety of professions although all shared a common interest in knowing more about how to promote English language learning in people with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Participants were English language teachers and special educators from regular and special schools, librarians, IT experts from private companies, representatives of non-governmental organizations, parents of learners with SEN and university students enrolled in Special Education degrees.

Maja Otancevic explaining the outputs of the project

In addition to the discussion of general topics related to the importance of English language learning for people with disabilities and SEN, or the basic principles of universal design in learning, we also presented the contents of publications created during the project, the English language, Pedagogical and Technical outputs as well as the online platform for autonomous English language learning. The presenters were FASPER teachers: Prof. Branislav Brojčin, PhD, Prof. Nenad Glumbić, PhD, and Maja Ivančević Otanjac and there were some interesting and heated discussions both on the project as a whole and on the importance of using platforms such as En-Abilities to improve social inclusion and the employability of learners with Special Educational Needs.


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