The fourth Transnational Meeting of EN-ABILITIES took place in Belgrade


The final transnational meeting within the EN-ABILITIES project was held at the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation (FASPER) in Belgrade, Serbia om January 23rd and 24th 2020. The meeting was attended by representatives of five universities – University of Burgos (Spain), University of Aveiro (Portugal), University of Galati (Romania), Dublin City University (Ireland) and representatives of FASPER as hosts. Apart from university teachers, the meeting was also attended by partners from Spanish organizations involved in coordinating different sectors of providing support to people with special educational needs (SEAS), as well as partners from PROMETEO whose IT experts created the online platform for autonomous English language learning. During the two days of the meeting most attention was given to addressing the problems in the functioning of the platform, implementing changes needed as a result of the feedback given by learners who have been using the platform and further plans for its testing. The other intellectual outputs (Educational, technical and English language handbooks) were also evaluated and feedback given from professionals who have been evaluating the results was also incorporated into the new versions of these outputs. Although all outputs are finished and operational, we are constantly adjusting and fine tuning aspects of these results to improve the final outputs. During the meeting administrative and financial issues pertaining to the final report due in a few months were also discussed.

As has been the case during the three years of the project, all partners actively participated and presented ideas, comments and fostered debate with the goal of improving the final results of the project. All this work will enable us to meet the goal of the project: promote English language learning as a way of improving social inclusion, reducing exclusion and enhancing the employability of all learners with Special Educational Needs and disability.


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